Month: June 2019


Tortellini Salad | quick and easy

Today I have a delicious summer and barbecue salad for you: tortellini salad. Simply something different and ideally suited to summer temperatures, as it is quick and easy to prepare. Of course, this salad is also great as a side dish, for example at a picnic or barbecue, and can be taken to the office as a snack. Quite …

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Erdbeer- Konfitüre mit Basilikum

Strawberry jam with basil

Today I brought a delicious jam for you ... a strawberry jam with basil. It tastes wonderfully fruity-refreshing and not so sweet. The lovely strawberries complement each other perfectly with a touch of basil and its fresh, summery aromas ... ♥ The strawberry jam with basil just tastes like summer to me. Because we don't like overly sweet jams in summer ...

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Mediterranes Landbrot

Mediterranean country bread | Fresh bread

Today we have freshly baked bread again, a Mediterranean country bread. Uncomplicated, with an Italian touch and ideal for using up an excess of Lievito Madre or simply to spontaneously prepare a bread dough with excess Madre from the refrigerator. Because pre-doughs or precursors are not required with this refreshment bread recipe ... ♥ Thanks to the long, cold aging time over night ...

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Nuss-Nougat-Creme (statt Nutella) vegan, glutenfrei und vollwertig möglich

Hazelnut chocolate cream: healthier Nutella® age ...

Today it will be particularly delicious on Cookie and Co. Today I brought you the recipe for a delicious, aromatic and wonderfully chocolaty hazelnut-chocolate cream. With real chocolate, roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, just the thing for big and small people with a sweet tooth ... ♥ This hazelnut chocolate cream always works with us, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter. And with ...

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Focaccia mit Lievito Madre

Focaccia alle olive (yeast-free)

Today in keeping with the summer weather: Focaccia all olive. The dough does not contain any yeast at all and is prepared with a practical overnight cooking. The sole leavening agent here is Lievito Madre, also known as Pasta Madre or Lievito naturale. For those who do not know Lievito Madre yet, this is a firm, mild sourdough from Italy. There are different methods ...

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Spargelsalat mit Tomaten und Mozzarella auf einem Teller

Asparagus salad: Mediterranean & refreshing

Today I have a new salad recipe for you. And since we still have asparagus time and this should be really savored, there is a Mediterranean asparagus salad. Very tasty, refreshing and something different than the classic salads ... ♥ In addition, a salad came in very handy with the current heat wave and asparagus was also there. To …

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No knead Weizenmischbrot

No Knead mixed wheat bread

Today I have a new No Knead Bread variant for you, a No Knead mixed wheat bread. Super simple and super tasty, great for beginners and very suitable for everyday use. The bread does not have an endless list of ingredients, is very aromatic and requires neither sourdough nor other special ingredients such as yeast water or Lievito Madre ... ♥ ...

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