Month: April 2019


Focaccia: crispy, airy & simple

The barbecue season has started slowly but surely. What goes better as a side dish to a successful barbecue evening than a good focaccia? That's why I have a new focaccia recipe for you today. Of course, this delicious Mediterranean flatbread - often also referred to as pizza bread - goes well with much more ... ♥ This focaccia is a feast even as a sandwich. ...

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Kamut carrot box with pecans

After the lavish Easter holidays, today I have a healthy bread recipe with a high whole grain content for you: A kamut carrot box with pecans. Very tasty, very juicy, with a wonderfully nutty aroma and very good freshness. So not just something for the good conscience, but also for the palate. This bread box is super easy to prepare and requires little work. ...

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Eierlikörpudding mit Kirschsoße-3

Eggnog pudding with cherry sauce

Today I brought you another delicious dessert from the glass that is easy to prepare: Eggnog pudding with cherry sauce. Quickly and easily cooked and kept rather simple. But still super tasty - not only at Easter. ♥ This dessert ... ... is also ideal for using up remaining egg liqueur. Or of course just like that ... Because as an alternative ...

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Frühlingspasta mit grünem Spargel und Bärlauchpesto

Spring pasta with green asparagus & Bärlau ...

Today spring is ushered in on Cookie and Co., there is spring pasta with green asparagus and wild garlic pesto. Super tasty, aromatic and cooked in no time. A really great spring recipe and ideal for the after-work kitchen ... ♥ The wild garlic season ... ... always heralds spring for me. And since the time when there is wild garlic is always very short ...

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No knead Pizza

No knead pizza (pizza dough)

Today I brought an ingenious no knead pizza dough for you - Homemade pizza is so easy and delicious! The dough hardly makes any work. In return you get an airy and crispy pizza base, with a great aroma and excellent digestibility. And that without industrial yeast! ♥ How does it work? Quite simply, with homemade yeast water and a lot of time. But no …

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Osterbrot (Aachener Poschweck)

Easter bread (Aachener Poschweck)

Today I brought a delicious Easter bread for you. In principle even a very traditional Easter bread that has been known since the late Middle Ages. The special thing about it: sugar cubes or rock candy, which are incorporated into the dough and melt during baking. Poschweck stands for a sweet yeast bread that is traditionally baked in the Aachen area during Easter ... ♥ ...

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Grain toast: sandwich bread with seeds

Today I have a new toast bread recipe for you, a juicy grain toast that is prepared with the salt-yeast process. Very tasty, with extremely good freshness and wholegrain content. Ideally suited as sandwich bread, for tasty snacks or for breakfast ... ♥ By the way, the grain toast is the recipe of choice for a dear reader. Some time ago she had a nice ...

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