Month: January 2019

Mohn-Schnecken mit Marzipan auf einem Backblech

Poppy seed snails with marzipan & cherries

Today I have a particularly delicious pastry for once again. There are poppy seed snails with marzipan and cherries. They consist of a delicious and fluffy yeast dough that you can either make with just yeast or with a little yeast and Lievito Madre. They are filled with a delicious and aromatic poppy seed filling and cherries. Does that sound good? ...

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Baguette auf einem alten Backblech.


Today there is baguette. Simple and no frills. From only 4 ingredients. It does not work? It works ... and how! It even works really well and tastes really great too. You know, I love the uncomplicated. But the result has to be right in the end. In this respect the baguette is a hit! In addition to the few ingredients ...

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Nusskuchen, dekoriert mit Zucker und Haselnüssen auf einer Kuchenplatte.

nut cake

Today I have a wonderfully juicy and aromatic nut cake for you. So delicious and so easy and quick to bake. You don't need more to wrap your guests around your finger at the next Sunday coffee. A real classic - like grandma's. Maybe even a little better. And certainly with the potential to become everyone's favorite cake ...

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Kerniges Vollkornbrot auf einem alten Backblech.

Hearty wholemeal bread

Today there is still a nice recipe for you on the subject of baking with whole grain: A hearty whole grain bread. The last bread recipe, my grain crust, was also created in this context. Namely for a joint project with mipano. It's about baking with whole grain. Today's crate bread is a 100% wholemeal bread with a whole meal. Very …

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Kornkruste frisch gebacken im Gusstopf

Grain crust (with and without seeds)

Today I have a new bread recipe for you, which comes in two versions. A delicious and crispy grain crust that you can bake with or without seeds. Of course I baked and photographed both variants for you. So you can easily decide for yourself whether you would like seeds and flakes in the dough ...

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Zitronen-Ingwer-Trunk mit Kurkuma in einem Glas und Flaschen

Lemon-ginger drink with turmeric (cold kill ...

Today I haven't got anything out of the oven for you, but a soothing lemon-ginger drink with turmeric. For me personally a real cold killer and very pleasant for sore throats and general cold symptoms. It warms from the inside and is simply good for you, similar to my ginger-orange concentrate with honey. And all of this with the power of nature. ♥ ginger ...

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Kartoffel-Kürbiskern-Brot angeschnitten auf einem alten Backblech

Potato and Pumpkin Seed Bread

Today I brought a potato and pumpkin seed bread for you. A very tasty and moist bread that stays fresh for a long time. A really great combination of a fluffy, juicy crumb and the nutty taste of many pumpkin seeds. The preparation is very easy and therefore also ideal for beginners. The dough matures overnight at room temperature and needs ...

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Französische Brioche angeschnitten auf einem Holzbrett.

French brioche: an airy dream

Today it will be très francais on cookies and co. There is a brioche recipe for you. French brioche, the breakfast classic par excellence in France (next to croissants). And so fantastically delicious, airy and aromatic that I would almost describe the crumb as fluffy. You can bake this brioche for breakfast or brunch in a relaxed way. Because …

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