Month: November 2018

Honigkuchen - Lebkuchen vom Blech

Honey cake - gingerbread from the sheet

Today I brought along for a fine Christmas cake: honey cake. The recipe for this delicious gingerbread from the tray is quick and easy. The preparation is child's play and the result is an aromatic and juicy cake. This time I added a dash of baked apple liqueur, but the honey cake is wonderfully Christmassy even without it. ♥ We have gingerbread every ...

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Französisches Weizenkrüstchen

French wheat fritters (pain de blé)

It is high time again for a new bread recipe! Voilà, today I brought a French wheat carton for you. A wonderfully aromatic and crunchy bread with a light, airy crumb. Anyone who has already baked with French flour can certainly guess the wonderful taste that can only really develop thanks to the long, cold dough. ...

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Roasted almond cream (spread)

Today I have a little quick recipe for you for a surprisingly delicious and Christmassy delicacy made from roasted almonds: a roasted almond cream that is intended as a sweet spread. It takes just 5 minutes to prepare and the result is a wonderfully delicious gift from the kitchen that is even vegan, milk protein-free, lactose-free and gluten-free. You can …

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Cremige Tomatensoße mit Mozzarella

Creamy tomato sauce with mozzarella

Today I have the recipe for a delicious tomato sauce for you, which is currently our most popular sauce for noodles or pasta: A creamy tomato sauce with mozzarella. By the way, just like my simple tomato sauce, it can be made in advance and filled into jars after cooking. ♥ This creamy tomato sauce with mozzarella tastes nice and spicy, ...

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Baked Apple Liqueur | or: in the gold rush! (The orig ...

Today I brought a new liqueur recipe for you again, for an aromatic and very tasty baked apple liqueur. The ideal DIY gift from the kitchen or souvenir for the Advent season and winter. By the way, the preparation is super easy and the liqueur can also be prepared vegan if desired. Last year I got my marzipan liqueur ...

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Espresso chocolate bundt cake

Who happens to need some November soul food? I have an outrageously delicious espresso and chocolate Gugelhupf for you today. Because today is the official day of the bundt cake. Did you already know? Of course, you need a bundt cake. And so the recipe for the November Soul Food Day of the Gugelhupfs cake with extra chocolate and espresso was born. November blues and tiredness have ...

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Spelled farmer's crust (pure spelled bread)

Today I have another pure spelled bread recipe for you: A delicious spelled farmer's crust. The dough is prepared overnight and matures overnight at room temperature. A great advantage when there is little space in the refrigerator. Because with my rustic spelled crust, for example, the shaped dough piece matures in the proofing basket overnight in the refrigerator. Cold, long ripening times ...

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Pumpkin kamut box (autumn bread)

Today it will be a little autumn again. I have a delicious autumn bread for you: a pumpkin kamut box. A simple and uncomplicated preparation with overnight cooking is once again in the foreground. This makes this bread very suitable for everyday use and can also be baked if there is little time available. ♥ The actual preparation time is very short and ...

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M&M Cookies

Choco Cookies with M & M's: Colorful November sou ...

It's time for cookies again! For delicious, colorful, chocolaty choco cookies with M & M's. Exactly the right soul food for the dreary season, which not only children love ... we promise! The last cookie recipe was actually around six months ago. So it is high time again ... And cookies always go with us, especially when ...

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