Month: October 2018


Baked apple jam - a Christmas morning ...

Today I have a fine baked apple jam in my luggage for you. I have cooked this delicious apple jam with warming spices such as cinnamon and vanilla very often and now it has finally made it onto the blog. Because the Advent season is actually getting closer in big steps. In around 4 weeks we will be celebrating ...

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Ruchbrot mit Malzbier

Whole bread with malt beer: simple & tasty

Today I have an easy-peasy bread recipe for you again, a Ruchbrot with malt beer. Super easy, with very little effort and still super tasty and aromatic. Baking bread is fun like this ... ♥ Incidentally, this wholemeal bread with malt beer is free from industrial yeast. At least if you have already grown your own yeast water and sourdough. If you don't have both ...

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Covered apple cake, grandma`s way

Today I have the recipe for one of my very favorite apple cakes for you: Covered apple cake, grandma`s way. I just love this cake and it is part of my autumn every year. We traditionally have the first covered apple tart, grandma`s way, when we harvest the winter apples in our garden ... ♥ These apples are called ...

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Pane rustico

Pane rustico (World Bread Day 2018)

Today I have a new bread recipe for you, suitable for today's Word Bread Day 2018. The good piece is called Pane rustico and it will be wonderfully crispy, with a wonderfully loose crumb ... ♥ Homemade bread simply tastes best ... Besides then do you know exactly what's inside and everything that comes with a lot ...

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Tiger Cake (Pumpkin Zebra Cake)

Today there is a tiger cake for you. Super juicy, nice and loose and with a lot of tiger. Doesn't it look nice striped? In any case, it not only tastes very good but also stays fresh for a long time thanks to the pumpkin puree ... ♥ If you like, you can enhance the beautiful tiger effect with a little orange food coloring. I did without it and find ...

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Zitronen-Huhn mit Honig

Lemon Chicken with Honey (Oven Dish)

Today I'm just kidnapping you to Italy…. I have a simple but extremely tasty Mediterranean oven dish for you: lemon chicken with honey. A very aromatic dish in which everything stews together in the oven at the same time and therefore does not require a lot of work ... ♥ The simplest things are sometimes the best ... I love such ingeniously simple dishes because they ...

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Nougat cream pudding

Today I have a little soul food for you. A nougat and cream pudding. It tastes really delicious, is creamy and sometimes a delicious alternative to the classic chocolate pudding ... ♥ Especially now in autumn just the right thing for gray, uncomfortable days. A little soul food to caress the soul and indulge in warm childhood memories. Because who ...

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Mushroom cream soup: simple & good

Autumn time is soup time and at the same time mushroom time. That's why I have a recipe for a delicious mushroom cream soup for you today. It is super quick and easy to prepare and can also be varied with other types of mushrooms ... ♥ I find this mushroom cream soup not only delicious as a light main meal with some bread or baguette. Because it is suitable ...

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