Month: June 2018


Currant jelly: summer in a glass

At the moment I'm busy boiling down ... there are berries in abundance that need to be processed. Among other things, I made a lot of currant jelly and here is the first recipe for you ... ♥ This is how I have been cooking our currants for years, namely as a jelly. Because we don't particularly like the kernels ...

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Grill-und Pfannenbrot

Grill and pan bread / panini bread

Necessity makes inventive, as the saying goes. For me, this grill and pan bread was created out of necessity. Because when my oven door from a well-known manufacturer recently said goodbye, I suddenly found myself without an oven. That is not how it works! Fortunately, my freezer was filled with bread and rolls, but not ...

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Guten Morgen Weißbrot

Good morning white bread (overnight)

Today I brought you a delicious good morning white bread for you. A very simple and fluffy white bread that I've been baking in this form for some time, especially when I don't have too much leisure and time to bake bread. The recipe works again according to the overnight principle, in which the dough is prepared in the evening and ...

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Zucchini cake: chocolatey & juicy

Today we have zucchini cake for you ... a very tasty and juicy cake with chocolate that eerily reminds me of brownies. It is ideal when there are tons of zucchini in the garden waiting to be processed in all possible shapes. The zucchini season has already started and so I have the first zucchini cake for this year ...

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Grill- und Snackbrötchen

Grill and snack rolls

How about some delicious grill and snack rolls today? They taste nice and spicy, have a loose crumb and are ideal as a grill side dish and as a basis for delicious snacks. With the topping you can let your creativity and wishes run wild ... depending on how you like it best. ♥ The preparation is pretty easy because ...

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Filled brownie bites

Today I have delicious, filled brownie bites for you. A bite of luck with an extra portion of chocolate and a choice of delicious filling made from creamy nut nougat cream or soft toffee candies. A little dream and definitely worth a sin ... ♥ I filled the brownie bites half with nut nougat cream and half with toffees. You simply choose the filling according to your ...

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Rustikale Dinkelkruste

Rustic spelled crust (overnight cooking)

Today I have another nice, strong bread recipe for you, for a rustic spelled crust. As the name suggests, this bread consists of spelled flour and, for the most part, even wholemeal spelled flour. It has a nice, loose crumb with a strong taste and a wonderfully crispy crust ... ♥ Depending on your wishes, you can use this recipe ...

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Herbal plucked bread: yeast dough meets herb butter

Today you get my recipe for a delicious herb bread. A plucked bread filled with homemade herb butter and, if desired, cheese that is very popular with us not only in the barbecue season ... it is super tasty, tasty and juicy. ♥ I have often baked the herb plucked bread for the New Year's Eve buffet or for birthday parties and it was always ...

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Yellow wheat crust: crispy white bread

Today I brought a crispy yellow wheat crust for you. A delicious and rustic white bread made from yellow wheat flour and semola di grano duro Rimacinata alias durum wheat flour ... ♥ The yellow wheat crust tastes a bit more aromatic than a “simple” white bread and I think it has a bit more “bite” due to the proportion of semola di grano duro Rimacinata or durum wheat flour ”. Of course the aroma will ...

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