Month: April 2018


Ruch crust: rustic & light (overnight cooking ...

Today there is again a new bread recipe for a smoked crust for you. A really nice rustic bread with a crispy crust and loose crumb. It is juicy and has a delicious, mildly aromatic taste thanks to a longer walking time. ♥ The taste is of course also thanks to the great Ruchmehl. I'm an absolute fan of it ...

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Herbal paste: fresh herbs in stock

Today I have a great basic recipe for the spring-summer season: herbal paste for fresh herbs in stock. You can use it to preserve fresh herbs for months in just a few minutes. This means that you always have them to hand and the herbs taste almost like fresh. ♥ The paste can be used as a seasoning for sauces or for salad dressings and herb quark. ...

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Frühstücksbrötchen mit Joghurt

Breakfast rolls with yoghurt (cooked overnight)

Today I have the recipe for my delicious breakfast rolls with yogurt for you. They are practically the further development of my popular spelled rolls with yogurt. These were one of my first bread roll recipes on Cookie and Co. The highlight of today's recipe: The dough is prepared in the evening, after 10-12 hours of walking only it is cut and can then ...

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Chocolate rolls: fluffy & soft

Today I brought a recipe for delicious chocolate rolls for you. These are sweet buns made from yeast dough with chocolate chips. They become wonderfully soft and really fluffy. Caution addictive factor! ♥ Some time ago I followed the long-cherished desire of my children to finally bake chocolate rolls again and at the same time it was the desire ...

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Rhabarber-Streuselkuchen mit Pudding

Rhubarb crumble cake with pudding

We can finally enjoy spring to the fullest. There is rhubarb and strawberry season is also slowly starting. We have already enjoyed the first rhubarb cake and of course you can now get the recipe for this more than delicious cake from me ... a rhubarb crumble cake with pudding. ♥ Anyway, I can tell you so much ... the cake has ...

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Caramel cream pudding

Who would want a spoonful of happiness too ?! Today there is happiness to be spooned: caramel-cream pudding ... it tastes so delicious, a true dream. Sometimes all you need is a small glass full of sweet and creamy pudding to be happy ... ♥ The preparation is quick and easy. Thanks to the cream toffee you don't need sweets either ...

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Wild garlic feta cream (dip & spread)

Today I have a delicious spread with wild garlic for you, which also works great as a dip ... a delicious wild garlic feta cream. Whether as a spread or as a dip for grilling, the combination of wild garlic and feta goes well together and as long as there is still wild garlic, we should definitely take advantage of it. ♥ The basis for the wild garlic feta cream is spicy feta cheese ...

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Nussbrot mit Ruchmehl

Nut bread with Ruchmehl: pure enjoyment

Today you get the recipe for my delicious nut bread with Ruchmehl. A mild, aromatic bread with a cracking crust and roasted nuts. It has a juicy and very loose crumb and stays fresh for a few days. The nut bread with Ruchmehl is simply super delicious and rightly it has been one of my favorite breads for a while! ♥ ...

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Rice pudding with cherry sauce - so delicious!

Today there is a delicious classic for you: rice pudding with cherry sauce. We always do that, whether cold or warm, and almost everyone likes it, whether big or small ... ♥ The combination of rice pudding and cherries is also just delicious. Of course, an extra portion of vanilla should definitely not be missing with me. I don't do any additional ...

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No Knead Bread 2.0 (with yeast water)

Today I have a new No Knead Bread variant for you. A super simple and super delicious bread, which is also great for beginners and which in principle does not require any special ingredients. A very tasty bread that is very suitable for everyday use and hardly makes any work. ♥ Like my popular No Knead Bread (with yeast water) it will ...

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