Month: September 2017

Apfel-Streuselkuchen mit Pudding

Apple crumble cake with pudding

Today I have another delicious cake recipe for you, more precisely for an apple crumble cake with pudding. This apple crumble cake with pudding is my contribution to the current blogger parade “Favorite Food”, which is about the favorite dish of childhood or today. Actually, I can't really commit to a favorite food. But since we are in the middle of ...

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Fast curd crust

Today I have another quick bread recipe for you, for a very tasty quark crust. Sometimes you just need a quick loaf of bread, without a long walk or a lot of preparation ... this recipe is just right! Uncomplicated, without unusual ingredients (at least for bread bakers) and still tasty and crispy. ♥ By the way, some members are waiting for this recipe ...

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Spitzwecken mit Kefir

Pointed rolls with kefir

Today I have another delicious bread roll recipe for you: Spitzwecken with kefir. Very tasty, nice and crispy and with a delicious aroma. The kefir is very tasty for the dough and especially with the practical overnight cooking in the refrigerator, the aroma is even better, because the dough can rise slowly and calmly in a cool environment and ...

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Gemüsebrühe - Instantgemüsebrühe

Vegetable broth: homemade instant vegetable broth

Today I have such a quick recipe for you, because it is hardly worth calling it a recipe. ???? Today I'll show you how you can make a delicious instant vegetable broth yourself in no time at all. It's a basic recipe, so to speak. Of course, this vegetable broth does not contain any additives, does not contain any hidden flavor enhancers or yeast extract or ...

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Pure spelled bread: simple & delicious

Today I have a delicious bread recipe for you again for a pure spelled bread. Since it really only consists of pure spelled flour, it is best suited for everyone who cannot tolerate wheat flour or who simply prefer bread made from spelled flour. Spelled bread is currently enjoying increasing popularity and I also think it's very tasty because ...

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Zimtschnecken mit Zwetschgen

Cinnamon rolls with plums

We are still in the middle of the wonderful plum and plum season. So today I have my cinnamon rolls with plums for you - a quick and very tasty recipe made from quark and oil dough. The delicious cinnamon buns with plums are filled with juicy plums (or plums) and cinnamon-vanilla sugar. The cinnamon complements the plums wonderfully in terms of taste and simply goes perfectly with the cooler ...

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Pflaumen Konfitüre

Plum jam: Preserve in September

 Today there is a delicious plum jam, because now it is September and we are in the middle of the wonderful “plum season”. I love plums and plums because they are so versatile and you can conjure up such delicious things of all kinds with them. Whether for baking, dry, boiling or also for hearty, whether simply pure or with others ...

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