Month: August 2017

Couscous Salat

Couscous Salad

Today I have the recipe for one of my favorite summer salads for you: couscous salad. With its Mediterranean ingredients, it fits perfectly into the summer and I like to use it as a side dish for barbecues, for a picnic or just like that. It is also very suitable as a party salad, because it can be prepared well and, if desired, in small preserving jars ...

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Joghurt Semmeln

Yoghurt rolls (vegan possible)

Today I have a new bread roll recipe for you: For delicious yoghurt rolls. These taste really delicious, have a light crumb and a crispy crust. Along with my sour cream, they are currently the absolute favorite on our breakfast table. The yogurt rolls can also be frozen wonderfully. I bake them as normal for this purpose ...

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Grill marinade - for tender and aromatic ...

Today I have a recipe for a simple and very tasty barbecue marinade. I prefer to use it for poultry, for example for turkey steaks or chicken breasts and drumsticks. The meat gets a great aroma and becomes very tender ... simply delicious! Therefore, this delicious barbecue marinade is not only used in the barbecue season, but that all year round. She …

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Schokoladenpudding/ Schokoladenflammerie

Grandma's chocolate pudding

    Today at this point again a very simple recipe for you for - Chocolate pudding ... Just like my grandma used to make it. Without pudding powder out of the bag, of course, just like in the past. For me, chocolate pudding is and will remain a beautiful childhood memory and probably not just for me - for you too? I …

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Versunkener Heidelbeerkuchen

Sunken blueberry pie

We are in the middle of the berry season. In addition to strawberries and raspberries, blueberries are one of my all-time favorites. So today I have a recipe for you for a really delicious Sunday cake ... a sunken blueberry cake. This is prepared very quickly and easily and is really delicious. Simply dust with a little powdered sugar and maybe a dollop of cream and ...

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Pina Colada Konfitüre

Pina Colada jam

  Today again at this point for you a new, delicious recipe for a jam ... for Pina Colada jam. For me, these aromas of fresh pineapple, coconut and white rum, rounded off with a hint of lime, are very suitable for the summer months and immediately make me dream of the Caribbean. Actually, this recipe is based on very practical ...

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Sahniges Eis (ohne Ei) - fast wie McFlurry®

Creamy ice cream (without egg) - almost like McFlurry®

There's nothing like a delicious, cold and creamy ice cream on hot summer days, don't you think? If the ice cream tastes really good and creamy, there is nothing better for me ... And when the ice cream is also very easy to make yourself and I know what the ingredients are, the ...

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