Month: July 2017


Raspberry Ice Tea Concentrate (without flavoring)

It's berry season ... I love raspberries, do you? So today I have a recipe for you for a fruity iced tea concentrate - without the addition of flavors, but with fresh raspberries. You can use it to conjure up a delicious and really fruity iced tea in no time at all. The preparation is similar to my recipe for the low carb iced tea concentrate (click). Since I have many ...

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Saftiges Vollkorn-Toast

Juicy wholemeal toast (vegan possible)

Today I have the recipe for a juicy wholemeal toast for you that has been waiting for a long time to finally appear on this blog. Here it is now and it is now part of our standard breakfast during the week ... The whole grain content makes it healthier and more filling than "normal" toast, which is only made with very light ...

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Kinder Country Torte

Children's country cake (no bake)

Today I have a children's country cake for you - a very delicious cake recipe that does not need to be baked, is not difficult to prepare and will surely amaze one or the other at your coffee table. By the way, this recipe is my contribution to the current blogger parade “Children's Birthday in Summer”. How convenient that my twins ...

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Low Carb-Eiweiß-Brot

Low carb protein bread (gluten-free)

  Today I have a gluten-free and low-carbohydrate bread recipe for everyone who needs or wants to eat gluten-free and who adhere to the rules of the low carb diet. Low carb and protein breads are currently very much in vogue, so now I have a recipe for you (I like to experiment ...) The recipe is very ...

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Wholemeal spelled bread (vegan possible)

Today I have the recipe for a simple, delicious and moist wholemeal spelled bread for you. It is uncomplicated to prepare, really only contains wholemeal spelled flour and (still) tastes very tasty. The wholemeal spelled flour makes this wholegrain spelled bread not only very healthy, but also very filling. The mild acidity of buttermilk (for vegans soy yoghurt and water) rounds off this delicious wholegrain spelled bread in terms of taste ...

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Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

  Today I have a delicious strawberry cheesecake ice cream recipe for you. So you are perfectly equipped for the next heat wave. Since we still have strawberry season, I decided on a strawberry cheesecake ice cream. You can also use frozen strawberries out of season or exchange them for other fruits, such as raspberries. The ice cream tastes good ...

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