Month: January 2017

Frühstücksbrötchen für Morgenmuffel

Brownie-pan breakfast rolls

Today I have another breakfast roll recipe for the morning grouch among you. These brownie-shaped breakfast rolls only have to be put in the oven in the morning and that's all ... ♥ Since I love it practically, I like to make these brownie-shaped breakfast rolls at the weekend. In the evening I prepare the dough in my own time, ...

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Homemade Marshmallows - Unicorn Style

Homemade Marshmallows - Unicorn Style

Today I have a recipe for homemade marshmallows for you. But they are not just any marshmallows, no, they are “unicorn” marshmallows. At the moment there is a real unicorn mania ... there are recipes for cakes, cupcakes and biscuits with a unicorn look everywhere. There are even clothes and shower gels printed with unicorns in the most beautiful rainbow and pastel colors. That's why …

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Potato and leek cream soup (simple)

Today I have another delicious soup recipe for you: potato and leek cream soup. Soups are especially delicious in the cold season, don't you think? In this way, a delicious, warming dish with a lot of vegetables can be conjured up quickly and easily on the table. With this potato and leek cream soup, you can also eat healthy leeks with us ...

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Cereal sticks (vegan possible)

Today I would like to introduce you to the recipe for my cereal sticks. These cereal sticks taste very tasty and are a nice change from the “light” bread rolls that are often used for breakfast. I especially like it slightly sweet and usually put together the muesli mix myself. I also like to add a few raisins. Here but …

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Kerniges Möhrenbrot

Hearty carrot bread (vegan possible)

Today I have a healthy, hearty carrot bread for you again. It tastes very tasty, is juicy, stays fresh for a few days and is not at all complicated to prepare ... Unfortunately, with us it often doesn't even last for two days because everyone tastes so good. I like it so much because it has “bite” and the ...

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potato bread

  Today I have a simple recipe for potato bread for you. This potato bread is uncomplicated to bake, goes relatively quickly, becomes super fluffy, has a nice soft crumb and tastes great. My children especially like it as school bread because the potatoes keep it nice and juicy. Most of the time I bake it when there are potatoes left over, ...

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Hot Chocolate deluxe

Hot Chocolate deluxe

Today I have an incredibly delicious recipe for you for cold, gray winter days: Hot Chocolate deluxe! Simply prepare this delicious recipe for Hot Chocolate deluxe, cuddle up and enjoy ... I think it warms body and soul equally. You can also use this Hot Chocolate deluxe to process leftover chocolate Santa Clauses in a very practical way. Of course, it also tastes particularly good to children if ...

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