Month: November 2016


Punch hearts - vegan gummy candies without gel ...

These delicious little punch hearts are a really nice homemade souvenir or Christmas present, especially for friends and relatives who are vegan or vegetarian. The best thing about them is that they are very easy to make and that in no time at all ... You can even make them without added sugar and exchange the mulled wine for juice or non-alcoholic children's punch. The mass is transformed into a ...

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Pina Colada Makronen

Pina Colada macaroons

For many people, coconut macaroons are traditionally part of their Christmas baking every year. We have also had the delicious, juicy macaroons every year up to now. Sometimes decorated with chocolate and sometimes without. This year I baked a completely new variant, namely Pina Colada macaroons. When I hear this name, I actually think of cocktail, summer, vacation and ...

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Lightning-fast toffee caramel sauce

This toffee caramel sauce is super easy and quick to prepare, the best part - it tastes really delicious! Make sure to try this recipe out ... You only need two ingredients for the toffee caramel sauce: soft caramel candies and condensed milk or cream. The toffee caramel sauce goes wonderfully with desserts, ice cream, crumbles, waffles and other pastries ... But be careful, this sauce can be addicting. If you are still after ...

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Erfrischender Zitronenkuchen

Refreshing lemon cake

This delicious lemon cake is easy and quick to make and tastes wonderfully lemony - fresh. The batter becomes very fluffy and juicy and does not contain any artificial flavors ... be sure to try my version of this popular classic. It is our absolute favorite among all lemon cakes ... ❤ Click here for more delicious cake recipes. Ingredients: (For a loaf pan 30x11cm / ...

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Herbstbrot mit Kürbis Kastenbrot

Autumn bread with pumpkin

 This delicious autumn bread with pumpkin is perfect for autumn. Not only does it have a beautiful yellow color, it is also very juicy and stays fresh for a few days thanks to the pumpkin pulp processed with it. It can be baked immediately after the dough has been prepared - so there is no walking time, as with my fitness bread for those in a hurry. However ...

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Zebrakuchen mit Nougat

Zebra cake with nougat

This delicious zebra cake is very fluffy and juicy at the same time. My version of the well-known classic also contains nut nougat in chocolate dough, which makes it taste very full-bodied. I covered my zebra cake with icing and a chocolate icing before I lavishly sprinkled it with sugar pearls ... ♥ Ingredients: Dough: (for a springform pan with a diameter of 26cm) 5 eggs (size M), room temperature 250g sugar 1 ...

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Smarties Cookies

Smarties cookies

These sweet Smarties cookies not only look pretty, they can also be made quickly and taste delicious! The Smarties cookies are of course particularly popular with children. But the “big ones” also like to take advantage of it. Of course, you can also exchange the Smarties for other chocolate or sweets of your choice. Make sure to try them out ... ♥ Ingredients: 125g ...

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Coffee Chocolatechip Cookies

Coffee chocolate chip cookies

If you love cookies, like coffee and have a preference for chocolate, then these Coffee Chocolatechip Cookies are just THE right recipe for you ... ♥ Delicious cookies with a coffee note and chocolate chips. Quickly made, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside ... just like cookies have to be. Simply heavenly! You can find more delicious recipes for cookies here. Ingredients: 125g ...

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